Baahubali-The Beginning Movie Review,analysis and Box Office Performance.

Baahubali is one of the biggest movies ever made in Indian cinema. S S Rajamouli has come of age and has made an epic movie. let us take a look Baahubali-The Beginning Movie Review,analysis and Box Office Performance.

One of the most anticipate movies and the biggest movies ever made on the Indian screen, Baahubali is of epic proportions and is said to be an astonishing visual splendour.

The plot.

Shivudu grows up in a tribal village of Ambali and sees Avantika and falls in love with her. Shivudu wants to help Avantika to rescue Devasena.  When Shivudu enters, the kingdom of Mahismathi he comes to know how he is related to the Kingdom and the ruler of the kingdom, Bhallaladeva.

Highlights of Baahubali.

S S Rajamouli’s Baahubali is one of the biggest movies made in India. The movie has a larger than life feel and the director had made the exceptional emotional scenes, and war episodes.

Prabhas as Shivudu and Baahubali is one of the main reasons for Rajamouli to make the movie. The height and his personality make him the one to play these characters. His height and personality and his traits gel well with the character.

Baahubali is not the only a powerful ruler but also one with intelligence and a good heart, he is the one who is capable to rule the kingdom.

Rana as Bhallaladeva is the brother of Baahubali, they fight alongside and his character has many traits of ruthlessness and cruelty. Rana has given an awe inspiring performance and can over power the protagonist with his towering screen presence.

Rana’s performance is one of the major highlights and the magnum opus Baahubali will have a lot to say about Bhallaladeva more than Baahubali himself.

Tamanna as Avanthika is as beautiful, ferocious warrior pricness, she plays an important part in the story. Anushka has a limited role as her character will be the dominating part int he second part of Baahubali. Ramya Krishna is awesome as Shivagami and her character is one of the powerful ones in the movie.

Satyaraj is good as Kattappa and he is seen fighting alongside Prabhas and Rana with the same energy levels as the younger stars.

Nasser as Bijjaladeva is full of greed and has a major part to play in the movie. the venomous approach of this character  is one of the major highlights of the movie.

Prabhakar as Kalakeya is good, Adavi Sesh as Bhadra is good and plays a good role in always wanting to help the evil Bhallaladeva.  Sudeep as Aslam Khan appears in a cameo.

There are more than 5000 VFX shots in the movie, the technical aspects of the movie are great, the art director Sabu Cyril and the camera man Senthil Kumar require a special mention for their good work.

The war episodes in the movie are good and are on a large scale. The acting of the Prabhas and Rana are exceptional and they walk away with all the honours in the movie.

On the flip side…

The story is a time tested story of revenge and greed. There are a lot of twists in the movie and the story is very predictable.

The movies revolves around a few characters and some times, there are scenes that interrupt the flow of the movie.

Abrupt ending to the movie will leave the audience a little unsatisfied.

Analysis and Box office Performance.

Baahubali is one the biggest cinemas ever made in Indian Cinema, the movie is made on an extravagant budget, the slowness of the movie at times may be disappointing.

The hype surrounding the movie might be more than what you can expect not he screen, The visual effects are huge and almost 80 percent of the movie is graphics.

The performances of the lead characters are good, for the story and Rana needs a special mention for his villainous portrayal of Bhallaladeva.

The movie has opened up in 4000 screens worldwide and is one of the biggest releases in the recent times. Baahubali has released in 4 languages. The movie has a lot of hype surrounding it and some of the biggest stars have endorsed the movie.

Baahubali is one movie that can break huge records if it can sustain the hype surrounding it. The story has nothing new, but the onscreen presentations huge. We can expect some big numbers at the box office and first day and weekend collections are going to be huge.


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