Can 33 Taxmen make Lingaa a hit? Can they save the movie from becoming a flop.

There was this news that 33 Taxmen from the commercial taxes department have seen the 150 shows of the movie in the first two days of its release and have some up with around 45 lakhs not being shown in the DCR for these two days.

The 13th and 14th were the days that the movie had heavy advance bookings, and the movies were going house full everywhere are there are very minimum chances for the exhibitors to show that the shows were not full.

If the same was to be considered for the second week or after the first weekend it should be known that the movie was removed from many theatres. If the movie was doing well why will the theatre count reduce?

If the movie was doing well, why do the exhibitors go to the media to demand compensation for their loss? Can Taxmen make Lingaa movie a hit?

Is this a strategy to make the movie marketing strategy for the Hindi release?

Why are the makers not willing to accept that the movie has weak content?   Is this news a tactical move by the makers to ensure a smooth release for Lingaa in Hindi?

It is a known fact the the distributors have only recovered half of their investment in the first two weeks of the movie. The movie needs to run at least another 2 weeks in all the theatres it had initially released with house full collections to just become a no profit no loss venture.

Lingaa trimmed for more than an hour for Hindi Market. Rajinikanth cut down to size in Hindi.

“There is no need to showcase Rajinikanth as a god.  We have edited out all his OTT (Over The Top) scenes” says director K S Ravikumar.

The director still hopes that the movie recovers in the holiday season and bring in more crowds to the theatres.

If everyone are saying Lingaa is a flop, and the production house denying these claims. The Production house can release the original collections and prove everybody wrong.