A clean family entertainer with lots of moments that remind us of the importance of human relationships and emotions.

[taq_review]  Govindhudu Andharivadele was to be a test to the acting capabilities of Ram Charan, the 8th movie jinx of a superstar of Telugu Cinema and the career of the creative genius Krishna Vamshi.

Ram Charan has done his best as Abhiram, he has silenced his critics and proved everyone of them wrong and has a great career ahead and is the right person to carry the legacy of Megastar Chiranjeevi.

Almost all the 8th movies of star heroes have failed miserably at the box office, but Ram Charan has proved that he is capable of even breaking this jinx.

And for Krishna Vamshi, he has done justice to his abilities and he has bounced back to be at the helm of affairs for Govindhudu Andharivadele.

Though this movie has a regular story of a person NRI coming back home to unite his parents with his grandparents. the taking and the treatment given to the story is fresh and is a nice deviation from the regular commercial movies which have unnecessary comedy scenes and utterly useless dialogues.

The main points of entertainment would be the lead actors showcasing their acting prowess.

Ram Charan, Srikanth, Prakash Raj and Jayasudha have done a fabulous job and each and every one of them have tried to perform better than the others.

The chemistry between Ram Charan and Kajal is one more plus for the movie. Kajal Agarwal looks ultra glamorous and is very beautiful.

The last half hour of the movie is the highlight as the makers have been saying from the beginning, hope this doesn’t become redundant to say that the acting capabilities of the lead characters is at their best.

Govindhudu Andharivadele is like spring with a lot of freshness in the air. The movie might not go on to become a industry hit, but this movie will surely end up in the top five slots of Telugu Cinema.

This movie will also bring in a large overseas audience for a Ram Charan movie, and take him past the one million mark overseas.

A must watch movie for Ram Charan fans, as they get to see their favourite star in a new characterization and a must watch for the family audiences as they get to movie that is not a routine commercial cinema.

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