Ilayathalapathy Vijay a Superstar and Man of the Masses.

Ilyathalapathy Vijay a Superstar and Man of the Masses, a man with many faces, an actor who can defy the rules of stardom and a plain and simple person. Though a son of a well known director S A Chandrashekar, Vijay is a self made Superstar.

An actor, singer, and a producer,one of the best dancers in Tamil Cinema, this sensational star is very down to earth, he treats his fans with great love and respect. The fans too reciprocate their love in a way that may astonish anyone who is new to South India and the Superstars of South.

Ilayathalapathy Vijay is as energetic as ever.

Ilayathalapathy Vijay is not only in the peaks of his stardom, but is one of the biggest stars, who has a humongous fan following. HIs fans are active not only on the social networks but also in the real world. A few stars make movies to suit their sensibilities and their limitations, but the Ilayathalapathy puts all his efforts into satisfying his huge fan base.

Though he is not so young, the actor puts in all his abilities to satisfy his fan base, He is a good dancer, and is seen putting all his efforts to excel in the song sequences. It can also be noted that

He is touted to be the next big Superstar, if not bigger.

He is one star who can lay claim to the legacy of Superstar Rajinikanth. If Superstar Rajinikanth could mesmerise his fans with is antics and style doing the impossible. There is Vijay who can make you believe that he could absolutely do anything and you would believe it.

There are traits of Vijay becoming the next big superstar, in Tamilnadu and in South India. All he has to do is stick to making movies with content and style. Thupakki and Kaththi prove what fans want to see more of, though he has a huge mass following, the character stylisation needs to reach everyone.

Vijay has got a great appeal, he shows that he not only lives for acting, but also tends to do charity, he tends to give 10% of his earnings to many charitable causes. It is also a known fact that Vijay is educating many down trodden children.

His records are to be envied.

He is one of the first stars to have a movie down south that have got into the 100 crore clubs. He is one of the very few stars who can perform comedy as well as intense scenes. He can dance, sing, fight. Has a major following amongst the masses, as well as the families. He has two movies that have collected more than 10 crores only in Kerala. These are just a few to be mentioned.

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