Lingaa has become a problem for the makers of the movie, the distributors are demanding their money back. Lingaa is a flop everywhere.

After the initial reports that Lingaa has collected a gross of 100 crores in the first weekend, everybody is now looking at a disaster. Lingaa is a flop everywhere, Kerala, Karnataka, AP, Telangana and also some places in Tamil Nadu.

This is one of the worst situation a film maker can face, the distributors and the exhibitors are demanding their money back.

The First reports from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala and Karnataka box office was that the movie is just an average fare. The initial bookings and the craze that the Superstar generates, Lingaa was able to withstand the negative talk for the first weekend.

Latest Update: Lingaa Business Closing Shares, This is what the distributors end up with after investing huge money.

After the first weekend the occupancy was just 55% for the movie, which is not sufficient to get the required collections to bring the movie into profit zone.

According to Andhra Box Office, the movie has made a gross of 89 cr in the first three days and a share of 48.5 cr, with AP and Telangana being just 9 cr. These numbers are pretty good, but the prices the movie was brought for is too high. These numbers will not make a difference to the buyers.

The movie was sold for a huge price, by marketing it as a Rajinikanth film, but the long duration of the flashback and the climax were what undid the Rajinkanth factor.

The Distributors and the Exhitbitors are very anguished by the losses the movie is making, they have brought the movie by paying a very high price, hoping they can recover previous losses from Kochadaiyyan.

Rajinikanth’s Lingaa Movie is a Big flop, Distributors wants their Money back from Rajinikanth. 

Update: The Video of a distributor demanding their compensation has been removed from youtube. Deleting the video is only paving way for controversy.

Some of the excerpts from the video: The distributors were enticed into saying that this movie is a super hit combination of Padiyappa and the pre- release hype created with all the cases that were put against the movie generated huge buzz.

The release date of the movie, which happens to be Rajinikanth’s birthday was not a good one as the children had their exams, the distributor claims that he bought the movie for the Trichy area for a sum of 8 cr and has no hopes of recovering the capital.

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Another video of a distributor saying that Lingaa is a loss. 

Lingaa is a flop everywhere, fans are angry over weak content. Even a recent Hindu article says that the movie was done in a hurry, as the previous losses had to be recovered, this led to the movie being sold at a huge sum.