Lingaa gross collections do not bring profit to distributors. Lingaa needs a share of 140 crores to be a no loss no profit venture. Lingaa share at the end of 10 days run at the theatres stands at 70 crores.

At the end of its 10 days, let us look at the box office collections of Lingaa.

Total World Wide 10 Days Box Office Collections (Gross) around 129.6 Crores Estimated Total World Wide 10 Days Box Office Collections (Share) Around 70.5 Crores. All India 10 Days Gross is 95 crores USA, UK, AUS,NZ gross is 13 crores Rest of the world wide gross collections are approximately 20+ crores gross.

The Gross is around 129 crores for 10 days, the share comes to 70.5 crores. 

Distributors have bought the movie for around 130+ crores for theatrical release.

The distributors who have shelled out more than 130+ crores have pocketed just around 70 crores. The gross collections doesn’t mean the profit the movie has made.

The gross collections are the collections that are taken into account against the total number of tickets sold at the counters.  The distributors get the share after all the expenditure that goes into the paying of the taxes, theatre rents, and all the other miscellaneous expenditure is taken away.

The movie has been released in a huge number of theatres to get the humongous opening, but if the content of the movie doesn’t match up to the hype, the movie will be a total washout.

The distributors are at a huge loss and are not able to recover their investment from the movie. Lingaa is a loss venture and the chirstmas holidays can’t ensure the movie to be dragged into profit zone as it has to have the run in all the theatres it has released for another 10 days just to be no loss no profit venture.

The distributors have taken to media to badly publicise the loss caused by them to Lingaa, which is hurting the reputation of the Superstar Rajinikanth.

It is known that Rajinikanth has always upheld the interests of the distributors for his movies, and when they have failed at the box office, he has returned part of his renumeration to the distributors. This might be one of the factors for the distributors to got to the media, to get the attention of the Superstar, as they wish that he might pull them out of this mess.

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