Reviews don’t matter, Critics are always proved wrong and Box Office shatters with every movie of his.

Ram Charan is one Star who always defies the odds and comes up on top. Though he is the son of Megastar Chiranjeevi, he has a lot of responsibility to carry on his young shoulders to satisfy the demands of the large number of Megafans.

Some of the top websites which are famous for their reviews, have given a biased opinion on Ram Charan’s Starrer Govindhu Andharivadele, and are following it up with negative articles to uphold their ratings, but it has to be seen that the audience and the movie lovers have just loved the movie and are applauding the performance of the young Ram Charan.┬áSome of these reviewers are losing their credibility as they are on a negative publicity spree and are damaging the movie to justify their reviews.

We strictly believe the reviews might be of little importance when a star’s movie which gets good word of the mouth publicity for the audience. In this regard Ram Charan has done a fabulous job of proving his critics wrong and delivering his career best performance and a memorable one at an early juncture of his career. The family Audience have embraced the movie and are thronging the theaters to watch this feel good family entertainer.

Though the movie at first watch seemed to be a little slow, the flow of the movie and the screenplay do not deviate from the plot and that has kept the movie goers engaged. This is a movie that can be watched multiple times for the performances, story and the beautiful camera work.

Govindhudu Andharivadele is definitely a winner and is one movie that will join the list of best family entertainers and is one movie that will be spoken about for a long time to come.

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