Rey Movie Review, Performances and Box office Analysis.

Y.V.S Chowdary has pinned a lot of hopes on his much awaited movie Rey. This film is Sai Dharam Tej’s debut movie which was in the cans for a long time due to some financial issues.

Sai Dharam Tej: Sai Dharam Tej’s electrifying performance needs a mention in this movie. The young actor has showcased tremendous energy levels through out the movie and has worked very hard on his dances and stunts.

Sayami Kher: Sayami Kher being a new comer, paired opposite SDT in his debut movie has played well within her characterisation, but has not created enough impact to get noticed.

Shraddha Das: Shraddha Das has done a decent job in her negative role. She is quite glamorous and provides the necessary eye candy.

Both Sayami Kher and Shraddha Das have gone out of the way in upping the oomph factor the film.

Senior actors Tanekella Bharani, Naresh and Hema have done justice to their roles.

Highlights of the movie.

Sai Dharam Tej with his good energy levels and graceful moves.

Sayami Kher plays the role Amrutha and some challenging scenes between Sai Dharam Tej and her came out well.

Visuals of the caribbean are good.

On the Flip side.

There is nothing new on offer in this movie. YVS chowdary goes overboard with his amateurish story telling abilities.

Box Office Analysis of Rey.

The movie might not take off as expected, even though being the debut movie of Sai Dharam Tej. The initial openings might be good because of the strong base of Mega fans. The movie has taken a long time to release, there have been a huge number of cuts, but the long duration of the movie makes it a tedious watch. The movie Rey fails big time.


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