Temper Movie Review, Analysis and Box Office Performance.

Puri Jagannadh and Jr.NTR come together again, both these star personalities have been laying low after delivering some duds at the box office. They have now teamed up to deliver Temper, Let us take a look on how the movie is and what would work and what wouldn’t.

Puri Jagannadh: Puri Jagannadh should be appreciated for showcasing Jr.NTR in a more stylised way. Jr.NTR was for the first time stylised in a way befitting a superstar. The characterisation of Jr.NTR is good, he has shown that Jr.NTR can perform any kind of role with ease.

Jr.NTR: Jr.NTR delivers the best performance of his career. A new look and Characterisation of Jr.NTR would definitely please the fans. He has shown his versatility in every area and he excels in emotional scenes.

Prakash Raj: Prakash Raj is seen playing the villain once again. A routine characterisation for Prakash Raj. But what you don’t expect is that Prakash Raj impresses everyone with his dances.

Posani: Posani is good a the constable who is always with his Inspector. He delivers a stellar performance and evokes awesome emotions from the audience. Posani gives ample support to Jr.NTR and shoulders the responsibility of the movie.

Kajal Agarwal: Kajal Agarwal is ultra glamourous in her role, though she is lead actress of the movie, She doesn’t get enough footage in the movie. But whenever she appears she makes the necessary impact with her hotness.

Madhurima: Madhurima plays a small character and important character. This Character plays a important role in how the characters move forward.

The rest of the cast, Thanikella Bharani, Subbaraju, Kota Srinivas Rao were adequate and have performed to their strengths. Sonia Agarwal being one of the big stars in the movie was not so impressive in her character.

High Lights of Temper.

Jr.NTR’s Performance, Action, emotions his styling and his dances are all very good. In a movie that revolves around the hero, he is the one to look out for.

Posani’s Characterisation is equally good, and he adds the muscle to the story.

The Second half of the movie is to be mentioned. The climax of the movie is a big plus for the movie.

On the Flipside..

Routine Characterization of the other cast members. Lack of Comedy, excessive violence.

The movie has nothing new to offer, its a regular revenge drama, with high voltage action sequences.

There are a lot of predictable scenes and the movie takes references from the recently released cop movies which show a corrupt police officer.

Analysis and Box Office Performance.

Puri Jagannadh and Jr.NTR deliver a hit movie with a lot of powerful and emotional elements. Fans who are eagerly waiting for Jr.NTR to deliver a hit will be completely satisfied.

The movie has enough elements to have a stupendous run in B and C centres. The violence and some of the scenes may make the families uncomfortable.

The movie has the potential to easily breach the Forty crore mark. If the family audience take a liking to the movie, then there are many records that can be broken.

With good word of the mouth talk, the movie is open to make huge openings. Will it sustain its collections for the whole week, with the Cricket world cup looming large will have to be seen.


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