Vikram and Shankar’s I Movie Review.

I Movie Review, before that we would like to appreciate director Shankar and Chiyaan Vikram and all the team for their efforts to provide a movie of high quality. Not only are the production values good, but the performances, and the effort put by actors are stupendous. I movie will definitely set a benchmark in movie making with high quality output.

Shankar for the first time has attempted the genre that is totally different. I is a love story, that leads to revenge.

Vikram does a good job in the movie, all the hard work and dedication that he has put through can be seen through out the movie. Hunchback, disfigured Vikram’s performance is to be lauded. Vikram brings method acting to fore.

Amy Jackson is beautiful and she has done justice to her role of that of a model. It is well known that Amy Jackson was one of the most happening models, before she started her career in films. The role of the model is just a cake walk for this beautiful lady.

Suresh Gopi is seen as a doctor who experiments on Vikram.Ram Kumar Ganesan does his job well and Upen Patel could have shown more versatility as the role demands it.

Santhanam excels as usual with his one liners.

Highlights of I movie.

Shankar’s I is an extravaganza. Larger than Life Cinema from Shankar, Beautiful Locales and High production values, Brilliant Fights and Beautiful Songs provide good entertainment.

Vikram playing different characters and his variations are a big plus for the movie.

Amy Jackson is beautiful and perfectly fits her role.

Suresh Gopi’s character as a ruthless doctor is also good.

On the Flipside.

Shankar’s movie becomes Predictable, Long time to establish characters.

Length of the movie, gives a lot of dull moments. Dubbing of doesn’t sync well with some of the characters.

Story of I doesn’t have anything new to offer, it’s just a regular love-revenge drama, very predictable and long.


The movie’s performance will be based on how the masses receive it, huge budget and exotic locales are definitely worth a watch. The standard that Shankar sets are very high, can I reach the expected standards at the box office? The Initial openings are going to be huge, as the bookings have been closed for at least a week across South India.


Our Ratings are not based on a single point. taking many considerations into account the rating is arrived on. These rating do not define the quality of the movie, at the end of the day it is unto the audience to decide if the movie is worth the watch or not. Give us your rating at the end of the review.